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Best Quality Products:
Our vision is to have our company Peramount Forge & Fittings recognized worldwide for Business Ethics, Integrity and the high quality of Products and Service.
We aim to be recognized as a company fulfilling customer needs by adopting customer oriented Management policies.

Materials Item Wrought Fabricated Capacity/Month
Carbon Steel 45 Deg./90 Deg. LR Elbows 2″NB – 24″ NB Upto 36″ NB 3250 MT
Alloy Steel 180 Deg. Return Bends 2″NB – 24″ NB NIL 1650 MT
Stainless Steel Equal/Unequal Tees 2″NB – 24″ NB Upto 36″ NB 800 MT
Duplex Steel Concentric Reducers 2″NB – 36″ NB Upto 36″ NB 500 MT
Ni Base Alloys Eccentric Reducers 2″NB – 24″ NB Upto 36″ NB 300 MT
Cu-Ni Base Alloys Caps 2″NB – 24″ NB Not Applicable 700 MT
Haste Alloys Laterals 2″NB – 24″ NB Upto 48″ NB 200 MT