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Peramount Forge & Fittings Pvt. Ltd has established and grown over the years to meet the ever-increasing market needs. Our manufacturing units have been revised and improvised each year according to the new technology that rules.

Peramount Forge & Fittings is an Industrial Manufacturer of wrought pipe fittings. Company’s aim is to strengthen its position in the industry via a process of directed growth and the provision of enhanced services to its customers. The core of this strategy is a determination to guarantee customers the maximum level of service and to provide them the best product and service package possible.

Company’s plan is to adopt TWO FOLD strategy with both complementing and supporting each other. The first is product-oriented, in which our aim shall be to use our Industrial expertise and long experience in fittings, manufacturing; maintain raw material inventories, a wide product range, and fast delivery. The second shall be customer service-oriented. The basic objective shall always be to provide customized services geared to customers’ needs.

We shall strive to provide OUR CUSTOMERS  with quality products and services, competitive pricing and the high level of satisfaction. This is our main goal.


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